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Engaging STEAM Topics

Discover the fascinating world of science with you children through our latest episodes, updated every week!

Inspiring, Hands-on Experiment

Explore the wild side of STEAM with our step-by-step experiment videos!

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Immersive STEAM Learning in English

Two-birds with one stone!

Learn both STEAM and English though Big Bang Lab!

Key Objectives

Hands-on Learning

Our learning content lead students to combine both practical scientific concepts and also hands-on trial and experiments

Science, Art, English

Science education is not the only area that we focused on. We also stresses Art with design elements and English by using native English voice over

Self-learning Habit

We hope to help kids to build up their natural curiosity with the surrounding and establish their own self-learning habits

Experiment kits at your doorstep

For your child’s curiosity needs, all in one box!
Receive the best learning experience from our engaging and fun experiment kits, created just for our acclaimed curriculum.

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