General Questions

Our app is a web app. It can be accessed by laptop, desktop and iPad. Mobile phone can access as well but the quality might be compromised due to the small screen size.

The app is full of interactive and educational pre-recorded videos. It consists of games, quizzes and step-by-step guided experiment videos for your kids to experience the fun hands-on element of science.

At the moment, our app does NOT include the experiment materials so you would need to prepare your own materials at home to complete the experiment. In the near future, we would also prepare the all-in-one material box to be delivered to your doorstep so you can complete the experiment without any hassle!

We have 15 topics such as dinosaurs, space and chemistry and over 100+ videos and games in our app when it firstly launches. We would update new content regularly after the launch to make sure your kids are filled with new science wonders every week!

Every account can host up to 3 kids profile so kids can switch between profiles to track their progress individually.

Our regular online classes are conducted in live by our professional science teachers so your kids can interact directly. Our app consists of a wide array of pre-recorded and interactive videos. Hence, your kids use the app to revise their favourite topics after their class and self-explore new topics in our app during their free time.

If the answers did not help you, contact us.